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Active sports are highly rewarding, but sports can take a toll on the body. Even minor injuries like a sprain or slight misalignment can lead to problems in time. Meanwhile, postural changes and long term pain can greatly complicate your recovery. At Indianapolis Sport and Spine, we treat all sports-related injuries in Brownsburg from small to serious.

Understanding Common Sports Injuries in Brownsburg

The specific injuries that you’re vulnerable to vary depending on the sport. However, some common ones to be aware of include:

  • Sprained ligaments, often of the wrists and ankles
  • Strained muscles and tendons along the back, hamstrings, and Achilles
  • Shin splints, commonly seen among runners but other athletes are vulnerable as well
  • Knee and ankle injuries after these complex joints are exposed to too much force during sports
  • Irritated fascia especially fascia encasing muscles and along the bottom of the feet
  • Dislocations of major joints, with subsequent damage and irritation of the nerves running through that joint
  • Bone fractures including stress fractures that worsen over time and repeated impacts

How a Sports Chiropractor Helps With Rehabilitation

Our sports chiropractor will assess you, discuss your medical history and concerns, and help your body heal itself. Pain management and proper alignment are some key goals of chiropractic treatment. Patients who are in less pain will be more mobile and more able to complete rehabilitative exercises and get back to their lives. Proper alignment reduces the chance or re-injury and reduces recovery time.

When Should You Come in For A Chiropractic Session?

Chiropractic care can help at all stages of the recovery process. It can reduce pain and inflammation early on, speeding healing. Recovery is also not a straight and steady journey. It’s common for people to initially feel better and then re-injure themselves because the body is out of alignment. Our chiropractor can re-align your spine and reduce the chance of further sports injuries.

Other Treatments That Can Help

Chiropractic treatment can do a lot of good, but much of the recovery comes down to our clients’ day to day choices. We can suggest adjustments to your lifestyle, fitness plan, and nutrition which can all speed your journey back to good health. Other treatments may include soft tissue therapy like a sports massage. You may also want to consider reducing painful inflammation and boosting soft tissue healing through laser therapy.

Your Local Chiropractor in Brownsburg

Do you need chiropractic care in Brownsburg? Call Indianapolis Sport and Spine at (317) 852-2005. We offer a variety of care options including chiropractic adjustment, laser therapy, soft tissue therapy, and more. We’ll be your partners in the journey to injury rehabilitation. Contact us today to get started.


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