Chiropractic Testimonials


"He has worked wonders with my shoulder and neck and I highly recommend Dr. Welsh for anyone looking for a chiropractor."

- Anonymous

"I recently took my 2-month-old to see Dr. Welsh after being unable to help his reflux and constipation issues with medicine. After just his first session, my baby had a nice normal newborn 'poop'. We have taken him back a few more times and he is now having bowel movements on his own. The adjustments were very gentle and my baby did fine through them. What a relief to have my little guy feeling better. I was always skeptical of chiropractic, especially for children, but now I should the benefits from the rooftops and tell everyone who will listen how great it is. I look forward to taking my other two children who have minor medical issues also in to see how chiropractic can work for them also!!"

- Anonymous

"I have been a practicing dental hygienist for over thirty-two years and am confident that I would not be able to make that statement had it not been for chiropractic treatment. I was in an automobile/semi-truck accident over twenty years ago in which I suffered lateral whiplash. I struggled with pain and stiffness in my neck and shoulders. After over two months of traditional treatments of anti-inflammatory and pain medications, I was no better. I decided to visit my chiropractor and was amazed at the results after several weeks of treatments.

I have continued chiropractic therapy through the years and feel it is what has enabled me to continue in my profession. I experience neck and shoulder pain and stiffness and also hand/wrist stiffness and discomfort. These symptoms are all a result of the nature of my profession, the repetitive motions with my hands, and the concentrated positions I am in for several hours on a workday. Routine chiropractic treatments help alleviate these symptoms. After an adjustment/therapy treatment my neck and shoulders seem more mobile and without pain and my hands (at the base of my thumbs) are mobile and pain-free.

I often recommend chiropractic therapy to my fellow dental professionals as well as patients with various symptoms. I started seeing Dr. Welsh a couple of years ago when I started having more trouble with my shoulder. He has worked wonders with my shoulder and neck and I highly recommend Dr. Welsh for anyone looking for a chiropractor. He is very personable and is always very sincere when I talk to him."

- K.O.

"Prior to treatment, I suffered from headaches and jaw pain related to TMJ for several years. After only a few visits with Dr. Welsh, I began to notice a considerable improvement in both my jaw pain and my headaches had literally ceased. I am currently on a maintenance schedule with Dr. Welsh, which provides ongoing relief from TMJ symptoms. This alternative was far less invasive, painful – and less costly – than traditional TMJ treatments, which often include annoying mouth guards and even surgery. I would strongly recommend that anyone who suffers from TMJ symptoms to make an appointment and be evaluated for chiropractic intervention. You don’t have to keep suffering!”

- J.N. 

"I have been experiencing severe TMJ for two years now. After seeing two different specialists but no results, I felt that the pain was something I would have to grow to deal with. A family friend recommended seeing Dr. Welsh after being treated for TMJ herself. In a short period of time, I began to notice results. I was able to open my mouth much wider without the experience of pain. One of the main problems I was facing was the clicking that occurred when I opened my mouth which was where most of the pain occurred. The specialist I had been seeing beforehand had told me that the clicking was something I would have to learn to deal with because there was nothing they could do. I had been seeing my specialist for over six months with little to no results, and about a month after seeing Dr. Welsh my clicking stopped. It was so exciting to finally be relieved from the pain of my jaw. Dr. Welsh is a very personable chiropractor, and I strongly recommend seeing him with any issues."

- K.K. 


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