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TMJ Disorder

We frequently see patients who are referred in either from their dentist or from a friend with jaw pain, clicking, and decreased range of motion. These symptoms can be devastating to anyone who has dealt with TMJ Syndrome.

Many of our patients have sought help through bracing, splints, etc. but have seen no improvement. 

At Indy Sport and Spine we examine not only the jaw itself, but the surrounding musculature and joint mechanics even into the shoulder and neck. By performing a comprehensive inspection and analysis, we are able to provide treatment plans that can give a patient relief and full function of their jaw again.

Hear from some of our satisfied patients:

"Prior to treatment, I suffered from headaches and jaw pain related to TMJ for several years. After only a few visits with Dr. Welsh, I began to notice considerable improvement in both my jaw pain, and my headaches had literally ceased. I am currently on a maintenance schedule with Dr. Welsh, which provides ongoing relief from TMJ symptoms. This alternative was far less invasive, painful – and less costly – than traditional TMJ treatments, which often include annoying mouth guards and even surgery. I would strongly recommend that anyone who suffers from TMJ symptoms to make an appointment and be evaluated for chiropractic intervention. You don’t have to keep suffering!”

-J.N.  Patient

"I have been experiencing severe TMJ for two years now. After seeing two different specialists but no results, I felt that the pain was something I would have to grow to deal with. A family friend recommended seeing Dr. Welsh after being treated for TMJ herself. In a short period of time I began to notice results. I was able to open my mouth much wider without the experience of pain. One of the main problems I was facing was the clicking that occurred when I opened my mouth which was where most of the pain occurred. The specialist I had been seeing beforehand had told me that the clicking was something I would have to learn to deal with because there was nothing they could do. I had been seeing my specialist for over six months with little to no results, and about a month after seeing Dr. Welsh my clicking stopped. It was so exciting to finally be relieved from the pain of my jaw. Dr. Welsh is a very personable chiropractor, and I strongly recommend seeing him with any issues."

- K.K.  Patient

If you suffer from TMJ issues contact our office today to get on the path to a healthy and pain free day.



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